Reflections of a Girl-About-Town … Back from the Silent Place

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It’s been a long time and I’ve been silent. My birthday always brings me to a place of reflection and sometimes that reflection takes me to a place of silence and that silence can be consuming and completely engulf me.

Tonight I probably won’t go deep into the heart of my silence. Some things are sweeter and more sacred hidden in the bosom of the valley of silence. Some friendships allow for us to sit in that valley and from time to time rest our weary shoulders on the crest of that valley. Some vacations call for us to bask in the beauty of that valley as though we were sailing down the French Riviera on some exciting romantic escapade. Some memories remain fresher when left in the sweetness of the valley and some regrets are made all the more bearable when left hidden in that oh so secret place. S today, allow me to remain mum about that secret hidden precious valley we call silence.

Allow me instead to share that which I have overcome in the past month. My highlights as it were:
* I recently took my first trip since recovering from my injury. Every time a gracious airport attendant asked me if I wanted a wheelchair, I proudly shook my head and loudly stated “No thank you, I can manage!” and manage, I did. Not that it wasn’t incredibly challenging to have to walk across airports, avoid people and baggage, dodge on coming traffic, sit down and get up, move from one terminal and one gate to the next, go through security check after security check and climb who knows how many stairs. At one point, all I wanted was to scream out in frustration and sit down and refuse to move. But what I did instead is to just keep moving. I remembered what a dear friend said to me one day when I was talking about a workout session with an incredibly ambitious instructor. Se listened to me whine about it for a while then ever so calmly said to me, “But Babe, you have to remember … Mind over Matter”. It didn’t make much sense to me then but this past week it meant the world to me and really was my only lifeline. So my mind ruled and triumphed over my body and I just kept going.

So today I can proudly say that while it was challenging and difficult and sometimes painful, I overcame the Bly way I knew how: by taking one step at a time, focusing on the current one step and putting one leg in front of the other. One step at a time, one breath at a time, one motion at a time, and voila, i made it. Life will sometimes throw us those curve balls, where we literally have to take one day at a time, in order to be victorious. S today, this Girl recently About Many Towns will encourage you to take one step at a time, and truly, you will soar amongst the eagles.

XOXO – From: A-Girl-About-Town



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