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And when the breaking was done, she slept. She slept because she was tired of being tired so decided to sleep.

She slept because she was sad of being sad so she decided to sleep. She slept because she was all cried out and all shouted out and all out. And so she slept. But most of all, she slept because she was resting in Him. Her soul had finally found rest in the place of rest. Refuge in the refuge of her strength. Shelter in the cleft of the rock.

She slept because while she had not known through the storm what trust looked like, she had come face to face with her and truly she was a thing of beauty. She slept because trust had taken her hand and refused to let go even when she furiously tried to get away. She slept because trust had refused to swim to the surface even when she was drowning in her tears and suffocating in her grief.

This thing with Trust had been like an inappropriate relationship but now she realized it was only so because she had refused to allow Trust to build a home in her heart. She didn’t know when it all changed. She just knew that on the days she shut Trust out, she was so lonely it hurt. On the days she turned her back on trust, her heart hurt beyond belief. On the days when she yelled and screamed and cried and cursed, trust stood there and took it and when she finally burnt herself out, trust put her arms around her and held her until one day, she realized that Trust had become her closest ally.

You see without trust she couldn’t heal and without healing she couldn’t smile and without smiling she couldn’t taste the sunshine and experience the due of heaven.

Trust: To have confidence; to be confident; to be bold; to be secure. Such pretty faces of this one beauty. You see when she finally allowed herself to look into the eyes of her Father, she realized that Trust was His idea all along. So that He could teach her how to have confidence, how to be confident, how to be bold and how to be secure … IN HIM.

Trust and Him walked hand in hand and it was only when she saw that one as a refraction of the other that she was able to fully appreciate both for who they were and how they impacted her life. And when she began to search his love note to her more keenly, she realized that He had left a trail of breadcrumbs so long that it was a wonder she had never seen it: You see while Trust was a refraction of the light in Him, it was also a reflection of the image she was supposed to become all along.

Trust: To have confidnece, to be confident, to be bold, to be secure. IN HIM.

And so, she finally slept – because He was already asleep in the boat in the storm – and she realized that sleeping in the storm was the safest place to be.




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