Righteous Indignation

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I have spent the past couple of days with some of the most amazing people I will ever meet – and I don’t say that lightly. I met someone whom I have admired for years and aspired to be like for so long I forgot how not to want too achieve what he has achieved, in his mindset, his ability to influence people and his passion for purpose, leadership and securing the future for generations to come. Dr Myles Munroe is larger than life, as are his family and the people he travels with. He has impacted my life with so much I am suffering from indigestion as a result. One thing that I will never forget is how he talked about passion. He ignited a fire in me that has long since cooled to a dull glow of embers. I am angry that I haven’t achieved all I set out to do at this point in my life. I am angry that my passion can go unrecognized for months on end. I am angry that time is of the essence and yet I sit here day in day out waiting for the essence of the times and the seasons as they wait on me.

I have inside of me a righteous indignation and I pray that it never dies down, This amazing man saw a gift in me and made me even angrier because that gift is lying mostly dormant. I believe that my gift is only being utilized / explored to a grand tune of 10% and I vow to write my vision and make it plain so that years from now, decades from today, and generations down the road, all will know that indeed I had not just something to live for, but instead I lived with something worth dying for.

I ask you today, what are you angry about? Is there not a cause? Get angry about something, anything, then fine a way to do it anyway.

This evening I leave you with the words of a man I have respected for long, but whom I have come to love deeply. He signed this in a book I read a few years ago that changed my life. May I truly be that woman of influence! And for allowing me to call you Papa, I am humbled.

XOXO: From – A Girl-About-Town

Papa Myles Munroe Blessed Bev



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