Shine Your Shine, Firefly from the East

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It’s been a while since I shared a weird and wacky fact; so here’s one – a firefly produces a cold light, chemically engineered, glowing out of its abdomen to attract a mate. There are over 2,000 species known to man and their scientific name is Lampyridae.

There is a firefly in my life, someone who has used the light inside of her to attract and pull out greatness from me, and many others. I spent time with her this evening and it amazes me that even in the most dire of circumstances, she continues to emit nothing but the glow of heaven form the depths of her belly. At a time when most people – me included – would be weak, she encourages me to be strong by watching her courage. At a time when most people would fold, she stands her ground, digs in her heels, squares her shoulders and boldly faces life smack bang in the eye. She refuses to back down or be defeated. Watching her conquer her Everest gives me the strength to face my Kilimanjaro.

When I first met her, I was shocked at the amount of power centered and nestled in her 5foot-something frame. The sound that arose then was and still is a loud, resounding battle cry. She has taught me how to stay put in situations where I might very easily have given up. She has shown me love and loved me through a whole lot of stuff and nonsense. She has held me accountable when all I wanted to do was be defensive and punch blindly at life.

I have held not one, not two but all three of her babies in my arms and have watched them grow into who they are today. I have shared in the mystery of her love for her husband, her children, her mother and sister, her father and brothers. i have sat at the feet of greatness and soaked in the oracles of God through her eyes, ears and words. I have gleaned the bits that were for me and partaken of those that were for others. I have watched people pass through her house – me included – coming in battered and bruised then leave glowing and in full bloom. I have learned business, relationship, spiritual, intellectual and emotional truths and intelligence from her. She is to me that firefly that burns with the desire to be seen and heard, whose greatness is hidden deep in its belly. Phyllis Wanjiru Mwangi ( AKA Mother to the munchkins of the year – I SALUTE YOU. I love who you are and who you have helped me to become. I love how you love and how deeply you love. I enjoy watching your walk with God and am continuously awed by what He has in store for you. Phyllis Wanjiru Mwangi, during this month of double grace (5 and 5) may you receive double grace to run this race with excellence and finish with the pizzazz and eloquence that typifies only you.

To a friend, a mentor, a sister, the Saba to our sita, a confidant, one who has seen me through tough moments and laughed with me through worse ones, I love you and salute the light of the world and the salt of the earth in you today. You continue to inspire me to become a better person. The firefly in me salutes and applauds the firefly in you …

XOXO – From: A-Girl-About-Town



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