Smell the Roses

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Sometimes all you need to do is dust yourself off and keep going.

And sometimes all you need to do is focus on the finish line.

Sometimes you need a hug and sometimes you need to laugh.

I’ve realized the importance lately of taking a step back, a deep breath, regrouping and getting back into the game

Today is such a day for me in one of my endeavours. A day to recede deep into the backdrop of things and regroup. For me regrouping involves journalling, blogging, talking to God and hearing from nature in a serene environment. Sounds almost idyllic. The problem with that is that once you’re done smelling the roses, it is almost for sure that as you inhale, you will be stung in the nose by a bee … because taking a break always always means coming back to face the dirty dishes in the sink and the mile-long list of errands and shopping. Dont’ get me wrong, I would go in a heartbeat. But the older I get, the more assured I am of this one thing; RETURN, I MUST! and to this very same situation.

So today is about finding the right pressure points to release your stress in a healthy way, all the while taking the time to smell the roses. And I have found mine for sure. I pray that you will find yours because for sure, the season we are in will require this from time to time. But remember always that YOU CAN DO IT! and that …

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