Sometimes it takes all you can do to just stand.

Today I dedicate this post to anyone out there who is finding it hard to Just Stand … Having done all, to Stand.

Not to blow a trumpet, not to shout, not to strategize, not to plot and plan, not to prepare, not to hold a weapon,  not to raise a fist, not to defend oneself and not to go on the offensive. Not to look back at where you come from and not to look forward into the future, but having done all else, to just stand.

Today I pray for the strength and the grace to stand amidst trials, tribulations, fights, warfare, attacks, adversities, sickness, disease, abuse, death, joblessness, hunger, homelessness, betrayal – amidst anything and everything that the enemy has thrown and continues to throw at you, to just stand!

Today I encourage you to silence the voices that say you shouldn’t, can’t, wont, – silence them by just remaining in the race – Just Standing.

Today as I stand with my head held high and my feet rooted to this spot, I know that by standing in this season I am doing more than I have done in the past in other seasons when I moved out of tune, ahead of or lagged behind the season.

Today I stand – Who will stand with me?

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