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Still Standing


Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to be still. And sometimes it’s the most necessary thing to do.
In your season of pruning, learn the discipline of waiting on God.
Although it might feel unnatural and you may feel the urge to fight or run, resist it all.
Both fight and flight are learned behaviors that can be unlearned.
Likewise, to be still is a behavior that can be learned.
It’s like sitting in a dentist’s chair as they prepare to pull out a problematic tooth: The most basic instinct is to run or fight – but you sit there knowing that in the end, it will be good for you.

In this season, I am learning – as hard as it is – to be still and let the potter mold the clay into the vessel He would have me be that He may use me.

Girl – oh girl is it HARD.

I have been silent because I have been in a season of pruning and in a season of transition and in a season of understanding pain and sacrifice.

Speaking with a dear friend this week she asked me why I had been so silent. Unreachable. Unreadable. I said to her that the older I get, the more I understand that when in crisis, I don’t shout. I withdraw. All the words in me, all my creative imagination, everything that otherwise comes natural to me goes into hibernation mode and I become dormant – watching; waiting.

Today I appeal to those of you (and I suspect that there are many out there) who are going through a tough season.

1. When you cannot pray, ask someone to pray for you.
2. When you cannot praise, be silent – don’t lament; don’t complain, don’t curse, don’t sin.
3. When you cannot understand – seek peace. Sometimes it’s the peace that will give you the grace to take it one moment at a time.
4. When it’s too painful, cry. It’s OK to break down. It’s OK to shed a tear. It’s OK to completely let down your guard – it’s actually healthy.
5. When everything around you seems dark, Look for droplets of joy in the thunderstorm. Hug a friend. Laugh with a child. Crack a joke. Eat Frozen Yogurt in the car with silly giggly girls.
6. Focus – what is it you want? Do you know?
7. Speak from the heart – When all is said and done, God sees your heart. So drop the mask, stop the pretense, and just speak to your Father.

Today, know this.

Everything we suffer, only God knows and sees.
Everything that cuts us, only God’s heart bleeds.
Everything that scares us, only God’s bigness can overshadow.
Every voice that puts us down, only the voice of truth can silence.

Today, know this:

Despite the season, battered and bruised, black and blue, YOU’RE STILL STANDING.

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary
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