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So lately I’ve been going through a cycle of acceptance and rejection.

My Auntie, Sister, Friend, Confidant, #AuntieJoy made me laugh last Sunday as we watched a young man nearly jump through hoops to catch my attention. Truth be told, he probably wasn’t a bad person, I don’t know him, have never met him but truth be told, my attention was not on him neither did he capture it.

Now I already know what type of backlash I’m going to catch from a statement like that. I have in the past been told that I am rigid, judgemental and the reason why I am not married or don’t have a man is because I don’t give people a chance. Today I want to address that even as I speak about rejection.

Ask anyone out there who has ever shopped for a car or a house how critical they are of the process as well as of each and every property or machine they examine. First you must know your price-range because you must have set a budget. In the case of a car, you must know what model and make you are interested in – the one that tugs at your heart. For a house, you must know what area and amenities you are interested in – the ones that will suit your needs, both current and future.

So why is it that when a girl meets a guy and doesn’t exactly fall all over herself fawning over him, she’s foolish and rush? Why in this one matter that will determine your forever, this one matter that you will have to wake up to everyday for the rest of your life, this one matter that is so personal and intimate, are women today judged for taking their time and not jumping to it?

Am I, for example, expected to jump onto the next one like I would onto a train and go in whatever direction or am I allowed to assess and judge the condition, the speed, the direction and the capacity before gracefully and elegantly boarding the one that tugs my heart, AND will suit my needs, both current and future?

But today is not so much about that – today is about the women out there who have felt constant rejection by the world or ‘the one’. Those who have in the past and are still waiting on God. For anyone out there who had a long week and just wanted to be held and told “It’s going to be OK.” For anyone out there who is on the verge of packing it in, giving up and closing up themselves to the possibility of love. To anyone out there who just needs to be accepted as they are and for the hurt, rejection and judging of the past to be overlooked.

This one goes out to all the ladies out there who are waiting on their Boaz. Waiting to be found. Waiting to be picked. Waiting to be chosen. For anyone who wants someone to be on their team, on their side and make them feel special. For those who watch the world go by and feel like it will never happen for them.

To all of you from my very heart, it’s going to be OK. I cannot pretend to understand your very story or your unique situation but I know this – Some days are harder than others and some days you have cried. I pray that for every one of you, God, my God, will show up in your situation and bring that special someone into your life. I pray that you will not give up, grow weary or embrace bitterness. I pray for the strength to hold on JUST a little longer. I pray for the ability to hope again, to believe again and to wait again on Love. I pray that love finds you swiftly and that it will indeed be #ThatPerfectLove

Today, I want to encourage you and let you know that you are loved.

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