The Artistry of Purpose

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Who I am is not about me. Who I am is about those I have surrounded myself with and those I have allowed  to influence me. Who I am today is a sum total of every single decision I have made and every single person I have allowed to breath life or speak death into my situation moment by moment. But who I am is not supposed to be about me or them, or about me. Who I am is supposed to be about you Lord. So today I come to you saying like the Psalmist (Leon Timbo) :

I lean not on my own understanding, my life is in the hands of the maker of heaven. I give it all to you, trusting that you’ll make something beautiful out of me. I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open. There’s nothing I hold onto – Coz I’m holding onto you.

Today Lord you reminded me that I am not supposed to be the sum total of who I have met or what I have done. I am supposed to be the reflection of you inside of me. You see too often we lean on the understanding of men and the logic of the world and the rationale of science and the sensibility of self. We forget that every breath that we draw is made possible through you Lord. We forget that if we allow the world to influence us, our thought patterns become of the world. We forget that we are to be in this world but not of this world. And in so doing, we lose our shine. Today I refuse to lose my shine. I chose instead to reflect the light of heaven into this world. I refuse to see ugly in the darkness of this world and chose to shine beauty from the warmth of my core. Today I’m here to encourage someone out there. You see what happens is that we forget who we are supposed to be. Maybe the new year came and went and that big bang still didn’t happen. That does not negate the fact that God is still God and that He is still working behind the scenes.

This morning as the sun rises, I look around and am astounded at the beauty that surrounds me. I am amazed by your glory in the dawn and your majesty in the dusk. I am so completely in love with you Lord. I am not a psalmist but my entire life is a psalm woven and intertwined with and in the beauty of your majesty. Every single thing you have created is a reflection of the beauty and majesty which you fashioned in me. Every single breath that I take is an echo from your heart and a resonance of your spirit. Every single movement of my tapping fingers is a stroke of the masterpiece that you created and a refining of the divinity of our finished work – together.

I see now that you created the world in six days and rested. You did not create and finish. Rest depicts that there was still more to come, it suggests a pause, a break – but it also of necessity portrays that there was more to come. You did not create and finish. You created and rested. I now fully understand that it had to be this way because you needed the work to be finished – by you and I together. I am a co-creator in the majesty and beauty. Whatever foundation you fashioned, the finishing touches were my responsibility. You expected me to breath continually using that which you had placed in my hands and in my heart. I can create just as well as you can because I was fashioned in your image and likeness and what you did, I can do because I am of you and from you.

And so Lord, with this sonnet, I create a majestic masterpiece in honor of you and an altar upon which I will forever worship you. I ask you to re-ignight the fire that you lit in me in the foundations of creation. Let my life be a total reflection of who you are and what you created me to accomplish. I refuse to let the thoughts and words of man define who I am. I am a finished work yet a growing masterpiece. I am complete in you, yet perpetually seeking the perfection of purpose. I am you and I am yours yet I must pursue, overtake and surely recover all in this journey of my purpose in your will.

And so this morning, I lean not on my own understanding. My life is in the hands of the maker of Heaven. I give ti all to you God, trusting that you’ll make something beautiful out of me. So I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open!

I am a masterpiece, complete in you. Now together let us master the tapestry that is the artistry of purpose.




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