The Challenge

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So this is my birthday month and in pure Girl-About-Town fashion, I always celebrate the entire month. I take one day at a time and I find something new to celebrate. So this year I have decided not just to celebrate every day of the 31 days of the month of October, I have set myself a challenge. I was secretly whispering it because I wanted the security of backing out if I wanted to. Then this morning I realized something, that by not speaking and instead hoping for an exit clause, I was being lazy and complacent and searching for the easy way out.

So here’s the challenge and here’s the promise and here are the rules.

  • During the month of October, I commit to one post a day for the entire 31 days of the month
  • I will write from the bottom of my heart and from the depths of my imagination and not a two-liner to fulfill a commitment or tick from a box

I ask your help in the following ways:

  • That you will hold me to my commitment in both quantity and quality of the pieces published on this blog
  • That you will suggest topics for me to write about

Now that the rules have been set, I come back to my main topic for today: The Challenge. Everyday that I wake up I am challenged by the forces of nature as the world has set them out. I realized this morning that everyday that I wake up I defy every law that exists today. I wake up not because I have done everything right and lived so righteously or in a manner so healthy that I deserve to be alive and awake and healthy. Instead, I wake up because He who created me gives me grace to rise yet another day.

Today I woke up thinking of yesterday’s blog and how I am daddy’s girl. My siblings often laugh at me. For the most part I believe they think me an odd creature in my mannerisms and behavior. I’m the girly girl in the family. I’m the mushy one who always wants to give hugs and never wants to end a phone call without assuring them that I love them. One of them once asked me why I feel the need to say it so much. Wasn’t it obvious? My answer then and my answer now is that just because the sun rises everyday and sheds light doesn’t mean I cannot comment on it’s majesty and beauty so the fact that it is a fact that I love her doesn’t mean I can’t say it out loud every time we speak. I exasperated her with my energy and my enthusiasm. She still doesn’t understand me and that’s fine, she just accepts me as I am.

I KNOW that my parents think me an odd and peculiar person. I’m not conventional in any way. I am not the child who sat and did what was expected of me. I did it, but with a lot of emotion, flair, questions and … pomp. I’m the one who kicks off the Christmas season in October and will not pull down the Christmas tree until late into January when I then begin to prepare for the valentine’s season while I usher in cupid and all his fairies, elves and hobbitses.

While it may seem that all I’m doing is going around and sharing my odd and peculiar stories sprinkled with fairy dust and bunnies of joy, I have a point and a moral to this odd and peculiar story. And here it comes: God created us, each one different and each one unique. He didn’t want an army of drones and clones to do His every bidding. He wanted an array of character, personality, opinions and thoughts. That’s why we are all different. He loves and accepts each of us just as we are. Likewise, in my family, I am unique and celebrated for that uniqueness and my own special brand of peculiar. My parents accept me for who I am and so do my siblings. And I reciprocate in kind.

Today being the 2nd of October, let it be as different as oil and water, sea and sand, night and day, me and my siblings; as different as the 1st of October to today, the 2nd of October and as different and varying in variety, character and activities as tomorrow, the 3rd of October will be.

XOXO – From: A-Girl-About-Town



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