The Gratitude Challenge – Day 2

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Day 2:

1, I’m grateful for my amazing mother, friend, mentor, teacher(how many ways do I love her?). She truly is my hero. She has been a mother to me and to many others over the years. She teaches me daily the true meaning of the Proverbs 31 Woman. Her laughter is infectious and her giggle is delicious. She is courage, strength, love, all wrapped into one and I am thankful that of all the people on this earth, God chose her to mother me. (#MummysGirl)

2. I am grateful for the amazing ways God chooses me to touch the lives of people around me. Sometimes it’s a smile, sometimes it’s a hug. Sometimes it seems small to me but always it’s big to God and sometimes it’s huge to the other person. It humbles me daily when He asks me to reach out to someone and it exhilarates me when they reach back out. So I’m thankful that in my “people person” personality, God has seen it fit to find a way to use it for His good and for His glory. (#TouchingLives)

3. I am grateful for my amazing job. I love what I do. And I love where I do it. I may not always have a good day but that just goes to show that I’m still human and not an angel yet It’s an amazing company with amazing people, amazing leadership and an amazing vision (I guess my word for today is amazing). Most of all, it allows me to live my purpose everyday. Touching lives is my purpose, Human Resources is my business. (#LivingPurpose)




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