The Masks We Wear

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I read somewhere today that “A surprise inspection of a men’s prison in Acapulco unearthed 100 plasma TVs, 2 sacks of marijuana, 2 peacocks, 100 cockerels… and 25 women.” – []

I have heard of a lot of things and I have heard of people being able to hide stuff from one another … but I never in my wildest dreams would I believe that these convicts were able to hide all that stuff (who knows why they would want to keep peacocks or even how they could sneak them into the prison) but truth be told, I simply cannot imagine how  they managed to hide 25women in the prison so well.

It got me thinking … How much do we hide that we don’t allow the world to see?

Today I choose to have a reflective night as I ponder on this thought: How much of me is real and how much is a front I put up as I hide behind the mask of everyday life for whatever reason (to protect myself, to protect those I love, to keep my privacy, to keep my sanity, for fear of rejection, to hide hurt, to mask irritation – WHATEVER the reason, It’s time I looked deep within and dropped off whatever excess baggage in order to truly honor this season of #NewBeginnings

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