The Truth You Need To Hear

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January is gone and with it tens of opportunities to reach out to someone and right a wrong. Dozens of reasons to teach by example and not just preach and criticize. Hundreds of reasons to reach out in love and not push away in hate. Countless chances to change a life and touch a heart.

Here’s the thing though. The year may have began to catch up with us by now. All the resolutions and momentum may have began to slow down.

Conversely, some of us may not have even started off. The last year ended and the new one began but things didn’t change. The excitement and razzmatazz of new beginnings never quite got to us. Things either remained the same or perhaps got even worse.

Today I’m here to tell you a few things that you need to hear:

  1. It’s not a race against anybody else. Challenge yourself to be a better person and to do better for you.
  2. Don’t compare your situation with anybody else’s. Your road is not theirs and theirs may not be a smooth and silky as social media portrays it to be.
  3. You’re still here – you’re still standing – so you’ve already accomplished a whole lot
  4. Refuse to remain in the status quo. Do something different every single day to change your situation and circumstance.
  5. Refuse to be(come) a victim. Refuse to let life beat the passion and desire to succeed out of you.
  6. Remember that everything is fleeting. Nothing lasts forever, not even hard times
  7. Appreciate the good things without getting stuck in the yesteryears.
  8. Allow the right people to support you through even this season.
  9. Celebrate the small wins
  10. Love yourself and take care of yourself – even if it means putting other people last for a little while.

And as always, I will remind you that you are

Beautiful – Empowered and Visionary



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