There’s Gotta Be More … I Just Need To Catch My Breath

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10850190_305022582955118_2945165952473151386_nSo this has truly got to be the most challenging year I have ever faced.

Usually I get to October, burst into it with a bang, end it with my birthday ‘do’, kick off the Christmas season in November, push the yuletide fever through December, tralalala into January and finally calm down in February – just in time to usher in love.

Not so much this year.

I have had one LONG year – and to be honest, while I am glad and blessed to have made it through the past 11 months and 8 days, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt and can confirm with everything that is in me, that it is purely by the grace of God that I am still standing. I’m not even sure that I am still standing.

I’ve lost some friends through no fault of theirs or mine, been dumped by others for no logical reason [doesn’t make it hurt less], been battered, bruised, beaten and kicked while I was down.

But then again, I have laughed till I couldn’t laugh anymore, laughed till I cried, laughed in the midst of sorrow, laughed at love and laughed in love.

I am so blessed. So amazingly blessed to be who I am, living the life I’m living today.

So bear with the lethargy and the nostalgia. It’s the end of the year and an amazing year it has been. I’m not only still standing, I am standing tall and proud. Ready to move forward with whatever may face me on the other side of the doors that will usher in 2015. I am so excited. So elated. So ecstatic at the prospect. So adieu, fare-thee-well 2014, I loved you, I let you go, and I’m ready for my 2015 to arrive.

Can a sister get an AMEN???

Remember now and remember always that You Are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

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