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My revelation for today: Passive observation can never produce active participation. Start DOING!

Often times if you have my personality type, you will want something to be perfect before you throw it out there.

You will want the final product ready before you showcase it reveal it to the world.

God is doing an interesting thing in my life this season. He is forcing me to

a) Start Doing

b) Stop Fearing

c) Keep Trusting

d) Get Going

And not necessarily in that order. Sometimes He requires me to GET GOING before any of the above and that is the most scary project of all times.

So today I want to squeal on a Beautiful project that I have hidden thus far.

We have published the first ever BeautifulPetals E-Zine and within the next couple of days (technical challenges aside), we should have a link right here on the site for you all to go to. It will be a quarterly publication and it is am amazing piece.

I have the most intense and awesome team working with me and I am blessed and humbled by the intensity, intimacy and openness of the contributors. Next month We will begin to work on the next edition and I would very much love to hear your thoughts and also if you’d like to feature or be a contributor – once you see it and read it you’ll understand the various pieces and what they speak to and how you can plug in.

We also have the most amazing notebooks and pens and I would love to give some away to some amazing petals and lucky winners so we’ll have you subscribe and plug in and interact and send us your details and we will bless you and sow a seed into your lives.

I would ordinarily have wanted to make this announcement once the link was ready to be sent out but I ask your indulgence (you know this is a lesson for me).

I ask one more thing of you my beloved Beautiful Petals: HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT US

a) Like us on Facebook [Beautiful Petals]

b) Share us on your walls

c) Comment both on Facebook and on the site

d) Get the conversations going [with us, about us, for us]

e) Sow a seed into someone’s life by sending them a love note in one of our publications.

We love and appreciate you – (yes, there is a team around me) and cannot wait to see where God takes this amazing journey.

Remember always that:

* You are Beautiful-Empowered-Visionary

* You are a BeautifulPetal




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