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Sometimes we dream so long and so hard that the dream becomes elusive. Like footprints in the sand on a beach.

And when the dream finally begins to solidify and become a reality we are so caught up in the fantasy that the reality looks flawed.

And so instead of walking into the arms of the dream you have nurtured for so long we instead chose either fight or flight.

Today my dream is seven days from becoming a reality.

In ONE WEEK we will have the official launch of BeautifulPetals and I am simply overwhelmed with emotion.

I am scared but I forge on.

I am nervous but I march on.

I am shaking but I refuse to back down.

I ask you ladies, those of you in Nairobi – to please register using +254 722 571 358 or email us at info@beautifulpetals.com

Space is limited.

  • Time is 5pm – 8pm
  • Charges are KES 1,750 a head.
  • Venue is Tandala Road, Karen

Dinner will be served

Stories will be told

House of Tara will be there to share make-up tips and sell product for those interested.

Come and hear about the Petal He created you to be – Come and share this dream with us.

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You are @BeautifulPetal

Come #UnleashTheQueenInYou




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