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I LOVE my home church. I love my home … the church I Worship at, the church I serve in, the place I call home. This Easter weekend we had 24hours of Praise and Worship … nothing but immersing and soaking ourselves in the gift of salvation and relationship with God. It was surreal. Dont’ get me wrong, it was really hard but we were ready. I learnt four things from this experience:

1. It’s easy to have an encounter with God – you just have to want it bad enough and seek Him out

2. Anything is possible if you really put your mind to it – ANYTHING is doable, Anything is achievable, Anything is POSSIBLE

3. The journey may be long but it is manageable … but the last hour is always the most trying. That last hour for me was a real stretch but I made it

4. Anything that is worth doing needs an amazing VISIONARY but an even more amazing TEAM to make things happen.

Today I want to inspire someone who was about to give up on their dream. Don’t give up. Find your Elizabeth (like Mary did in the Bible), secure your support system, Seek God’s heart and JUST HOLD ON. You may very well be in the final hour.

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