#WeAreOne – And Still We Stand

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In the dead of night, in the cold of tears I heard the Lord telling us to look up and “Arise, Kenya and Shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord is risen up on you.” At first, it made no sense whatsoever.

We are a mother cradling our baby and about to lay to rest those nearest and dearest to us. We are a nation in mourning trying to blindly grope beyond the pain and try to grasp a breath to live through today. So many questions, so much pain, so much senselessness, so much agony.

As I lay there trying to understand where this was coming from, it begun to dawn on me. I saw the image of a flower trampled on the ground amid dirt, mud and debris. It was hard to tell what it had once been but something drew your attention to it and once you begun to look you could still see the vibrant beauty that was yet to die. The truth of the matter is that just because we have been hit hard doesn’t mean that we are out for the count. As we observe the next 3days of reminiscing and celebrating the heroism of those whose lives were so suddenly and violently ripped from us, we should remember that among us there could be those whose only hope of coming through this alive is our love. I have seen so much love shared and shed among us. I have seen the nation give of her substance and of her life’s blood. I have watched one who some doubted rise to the occasion and lead from the very front of the battle lines. My sense of pride swells my heart and is only superseded by my sense of love for my country and my countrymen. It is in this picture of ashes that the beauty of the phoenix has risen and soars. Our flags fly at half-mast but our hearts fly high and proud. This too shall pass and yes, we shall overcome.

I beseech each one of us to be sensitive. Don’t judge too harshly those who have done their best in the worst of circumstances to get us through this. Don’t speculate too loudly lest you open wounds that are still fresh and raw and in the ignorance of not being there you put down those who survived and may just want to forget. Don’t probe too deeply among the heroes that the world may call victims. In due time, they will speak and when they do, we will be there with open arms to embrace and give life with our love.

It is true, our blood now flows through the land and not from bleeding but from lending a healing hand. It shall be well. For those in mourning, we mourn with you now but stand strong to hold you up. We will not let go. You are too precious to us. May the peace of Jehovah that surpasses human understanding envelope you. May today be better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. We will stand firm in our resoluteness to hold you dear in our thoughts, words and prayers. We will not leave you behind or forget your pain. For ultimately, #WeAreOne.

Where we have sinned in our pain and hurting we ask for forgiveness. We are resolute in our war to win back our freedom but we must above all else brandish righteousness as a shield. On this the 25th day of the 9th month of the 13th year of the 2nd millennium, we stand tall and proud; #ProudlyKenyan.

In the words of our very honorable President:

We have been badly hurt, and feel great pain and loss. But we have been brave, united and strong. Kenya has stared down Evil and triumphed. We have prevailed just by being who we typically are, and have been from the time of our forefathers. In caring and giving; in loving and uniting; in never tiring, and not hesitating, irresolutely looking forward and never turning back, we have defeated our enemies and shown the whole world what our values can accomplish.”

I said it before and may I never tire of saying it #ProudlyKenyan #WeAreOne. I am a #BeautifulPetal and I will not die.

Our Heritage and Splendor

Our Heritage and Splendor



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