What’s Your Success Rate?

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I recently watched a clip in which a group of amazing human beings in the city of Mumbai deliver thousands of lunches a day, across the city in all directions, and their margin for error is a meager 4%. That means that the number of times they make a mistake is only 4% … WOW! Not only that, their failure rate is at 99.999%. unbelievable!!!! It got me thinking about my own life. This publish-a-blog-everyday project is just one example. So I didn’t completely fail. I tried, and I got past the halfway point for sure. But then I ran into some technical difficulties with my internet link in the house and work became so hectic that one day turned into a few and before I knew it I was lagging behind terribly. My Pastor and boss, Pastor Julian (http://www.facebook.com/jkyula?fref=ts) spoke on Sunday about heaven’s expectations concerning our resilience. He said that heaven, the angels, the seraphim and the cherubim are all watching with baited breadth to see us win not all, not most, but just one battle. Just once begin, endure and finish to the end just one war. Waiting to celebrate this one victory for this one day. Don’t win everything, don’t even fight everything, but just do this one thing. There are three types of power that I pray you will have today over every situation in your life.


Today I choose to Start the race, Today I pray to Stay in the race, and today I trust that I will Finish the race set before me. That is also my prayer for each and every one of you in all your circumstances, concerning all your situations, covering all your concerns and erasing all your anxieties. And tonight, may the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us all now, and forevermore. AMEN.

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