SHE: Why won’t you hear me? Why won’t you listen to me? Why are you silent? I know you hear me. I know you know my heart. I know you are all-knowing. I know you love me. But God, it’s been so long. So long with me praying the same prayer. So long with me crying, so long with you being silent. Am I not important to you anymore? Am I not good enough?

THE FATHER: My daughter, I hear you. I have heard your tears. I have wiped them away. I have watched you toss and turn and the tears roll down your cheeks. I am aware of your desires and I see how much you yearn for this one thing. I am in control and I know what I am doing. Just be still and know that I am God.

SHE: It’s me again. And again I am crying to you about this one thing. Sometimes it feels like the whole world gets what they want except me. IT feels like good or back, wicked or kind, you’re dishing out answers to everyone except me. Am I a bad person? Have I sinned against you? Am I being punished? Day in, day out, I cry out to you. Day in, day out, you say nothing. I am tired God, of praying the same prayer year in, and year out. I just want to move on.

THE FATHER: Baby girl, I’m still here and I still sit on the throne. Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. I know the plans I have for you; for good and not for evil – to give you an expected end. I have a plan – won’t you trust me? I know your future, I know what you need. I know your purpose – I know how to get you there. Right now, for now, I need you to lean on me – not on another human being. Be still baby girl – be silent. I am God and I will bring it to pass.

SHE: Papa, you’re not listening to me. Papa, you’re not speaking to me. I feel lost and alone. Everyone else has moved on and I’m still in the same place. Everyone seems happy and I feel alone. Everyone’s life is moving forward and I feel it’s been over a decade of shuffling in this same position talking about these same things. I’ve sat back and nothing moved. I’ve tried to help, and nothing moved. I’ve moved ahead and nothing moved. I’ve lagged behind and nothing moved. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? Why won’t you answer me?

THE FATHER: My child, I hear you. Every time you have tried to help I’ve blocked it. Every time you have messed up, I’ve cleaned up after you. Every time you have dragged someone else down with you, I have rescued them. Every time you have wanted to ‘help’ I have stopped you. And all the while I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have protected you to the point of death. I have saved you from yourself. I have blocked the wrong thing and allowed the right one.

SHE: I’m done fighting. I’m done doing. I’m tired of the drama. I have no strength to fight any more, neither do I have the will to do so. I surrender all to you. Have your way Lord. All I ask is that you give me the strength to hold on day in and day out, season in and season out, until you have worked it out. I will trust you. Have your way. PS: I love you!

THE FATHER: That’s all I wanted you to do from the very beginning. And now that you have understood how things should work, step back and watch me work my magic. I will wow you with my wonders and surprise you with my signs. I’ve got your back! ow watch me work. PS: I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have loved you with a jealous love. I will never stop loving you!

Remember my child, You are BEAUTIFUL – EMPOWERED – VISIONARY.

You are @BeautifulPetal_

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