Why the Jacaranda Tree Blooms in October

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It’s October and for me there are distinct signs that we are almost wrapping up the year

  1. It’s my birthday month AND
  2. It has started raining in Nairobi

I am made to understand that the third sign I should look out for is that the Jacaranda tree is in full bloom. These noble trees line the sides of many an avenue in Nairobi like sentries, never asking for much and hardly even noticed. They are stately and firm, with willowy branches and nondescript leaves. One would hardly distinguish them from any old tree – until they begin to bloom. The tiny purple blooms are so distinct, they capture anyone’s attention by shouting LOOK AT ME, MY SEASON HAS COME!. They shed everything almost in a loud a messy fashion and as soon as the season ends, they sit back to wait for the next one.

  • Fact: Hailing from Brazil, it has been exported to nearly every continent on this wonderful green earth
  • Fact: It has been known to overcome adverse weather and still bloom
  • Fact: They can grow from 2metres to 30metres tall
  • Fact: When in full bloom they cannot be ignored
  • Fact: Their wood is popularly used to make guitars

I relate to the Jacaranda and feel a kindred-ness to it that is rare yet very familiar.

  • Fact: I hail from Kenya but have been exported (in word, thought, blog and relationship) to nearly every continent on this wonderful green earth
  • Fact: I have overcome adverse circumstances and still I bloom
  • Fact: I can grow or stay stagnant – depending on my environment and how far I stretch myself
  • Fact: Because I am in full bloom, I cannot be ignored
  • Fact: Once I bloom and am awaiting the next season, my sound will still be heard across continents, across nations, for generations to come – my sound is distinct and I am not afraid to carry it.

So you ask why the Jacaranda tree blooms in October, because God created me to bloom in this season and because I have come into my own and because I will continue to shine my shine and never stop!

XOXO – From: A-Girl-About-Town



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