You Are Enough!

She lays in the sun and licks her wounds. They itch and smart because they are still so fresh. Some are raw. Some are dry. She took the rejection until she could take it no more.

Then one day, just like that, she started to fight back. Her whimpers became roars and her weakness, hardened like fine leather from years of rejection, became her armor. She used the only thing she knew to become the warrior that she always was. She used the lessons from her years of mistakes and toxicity, and it became her protection against the voices that had once tormented her. She went from whimper to roar in the simplicity of a statement she had heard all her life from those around her. But this time it was different because it was her own voice inside her own head telling her – “ You will never be enough.” Those five words broke her. They broke her in a way that should, could and would never be unbroken. They broke her out of self pity. Broke her out of self-abuse, broke her out of the rock bottom she had been living in all her life and into self determination and self independence and the desire to succeed, … or die.

You see, it was here in her valley low that she decided that if this was living, she didn’t want to live anymore. But before she died, she was going to give it JUST.ONE.MORE.TRY. That decision crafted and moulded her into the person she became. The woman – not of her dreams, but the woman in her dreams. The woman not of her nightmares but the one who chased away the demons in the night. That woman was always inside of her – she was always a force to be reckoned with. She was always present and alive. She just needed to decide that she wanted to live.

That woman – SHE IS YOU!

#BeverlySpeaks @bevchahonyo