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By January 16, 2015Chronicles of a New Bride


Transition. That interesting word that is used to describe the in-between period. No that is not the official definition of the word, It’s my definition. Transition basically is the word I use for that season, that phase of the unfamiliar, the corridor phase. Not in the past but not yet in the future. You follow? Sometimes it feels like such an ambiguous word, like it’s so pregnant with meaning… every pun intended in my case. Walk with me I’ll make sense in a minute.

After a 3-month hiatus the chronicles are back. What’s up with that? I’m glad you asked. See the new bride was barely done transitioning into a wife when tadaaa…. She was transitioning into a mummy! I know right? Excitement, joy oh joy! Throw in all the beautiful wonderful feelings associated with this new title mummy. But before we get there, allow me to walk you through the transition phase.

Picture this: Unexpected and unexplainable changes begin, at this point you are not aware why this is happening, so add confusion to that. You are in between seasons and because this is a first you don’t exactly have the manual for how to deal. You wonder to yourself if it is something you are doing wrong. Is there something you should be doing? Is waiting it out too passive? I bet we have all asked these questions at some point in our lives. That point where suddenly everything feels different yet you cannot for the life of you explain how and why. What used to work doesn’t work anymore and here you are feeling like you’re in limbo.

As long as we have life in our bodies, we must go through change. Some ancient philosopher said the only thing that is constant is change… I add, unless you’re using public transport on some routes in Nairobi! (Insert laughter here) Ok I digress, see God created times and seasons to ensure we have some spice in this life and more importantly to give us fresh chances each time. So as much as the transition phase is uncomfortable and most of the time unwelcome, it is in fact a blessing. It tells us no season is permanent and it gives us something to look forward to.

In my case, a whole new world lay before me. The world of motherhood, a world I had only imagined but now God gave me an opportunity to experience. Now that am on the other side of the transition phase, I must say it was all worth it. See every process must eventually lead to something. When God is the one who has ordained your process, it will most definitely lead to something beautiful. He never takes His children through something just for kicks, He always has something grand at the end of the process.

So as we begin this new year, I would like to encourage anyone who feels lost in the transition stage. Stay put and let God do His work in you because when He is done, you will look back and say it was all worth it. I look back through most of last year and I say thank God for the transition. Every time I look at my son I say he is worth everything I went through, all the changes, insecurities, meltdowns, he is worth it all. My prayer is that that will be your story. That you will say it was worth it all.

Happy New Year friends and May God give you the grace, wisdom and strength to go through every transitional phase in your life and may He bring you to your beautiful place.

Ps: God took me through so many interesting lessons that I will continue to share through a new series I will begin ‘Chronicles of a New Mum’. Stay tuned for more chronicles….

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