Bev-team-photoThe Petal:

So now I know who I am: I am a woman, tall and proud. I am a princess, a daddy’s girl. I am an African Queen. I am a leader. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a mother, a wife, a coach, a mentor, a mentee. I am all things that I was created to be now, and I continue to reach for all I am intended to achieve in this lifetime.

I am that tall wheat-colored grass on the plains of the Serengeti, dancing to and fro to the tune of the wind. I bow, but I dare not break because in my womb are many nations and by my gift many will be birthed. I weather the short rains and the long rains; I push through the droughts. I see the full moon and enjoy the caress of the golden African Sun as I walk this journey. I will not be bowed – I will not give in – I will not give up.

The Call:

I have a HEART FOR THE WOMAN. So soft and gentle so strong, so resilient. So unbowing, so unbending. So accommodating, so submissive, so malleable, so flexible. The hearty laughter, the heart wrenching tears. The maternal courage to fight off monsters and cast out fears. Our uncanny desire to fix things. Our impeccable ability to talk for days. Our friendships, our loveships, our hateships, our relationships. I have a mandate to Cover – Preserve – Restore the woman through my words.


So join me on this journey. As I WORSHIP THE GOD OF ALL CREATION with the gift that He gave me: THE GIFT OF THE GAB. The ability to reach into the recess of tomorrow and help you grasp your dreams. Do not be afraid to dream. As they say, if you reach for the sky and fail, you’re bound to at least catch a star! Eternally open, Eternally in His service, Eternally at your service Eternally a Dreamer.