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And Everything She Does Shall Prosper And Come To Maturity – Psalm 1

Remember to be purposeful in everything you do because everything (good or bad) shall prosper and come to maturity.

Remember to be deliberate with your gift and with your talents. In your relationships and in your dealings with people.

Remember not to be careless because whatsoever you sow, that also shall you reap.

Remember to invest time, love, thought and money in the important people, places and things.

March, my Beautiful Petals, is all about being ‪#‎PrettyPurposeful‬ So live your life with purpose and you shall reap purpose.

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary
You are @BeautifulPetal_

You are ‪#‎Malkia‬ – May the Queen in you take her place!




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