31 Days of Woohoo! – The Onset

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I can’t believe we’re here again. I can’t believe we’re still here. Today begins my 31days of WOOHOO celebration. For those of you wondering what in the world I’m on about this time, October is my birthday month – WOOHOO! And I’ve always been THAT GIRL who treasures birthdays and celebrates myself. I’m that girl who will take a trip or throw myself a party or I dare say buy myself a lavish gift simply because … you guessed it … it’s my birthday. So when I got around to October last year (which was year 1 of Beautiful Petals – the lifestyle, I decided that in true me fashion, I would take the month (yes, I said and meant the entire month of October) to celebrate … … … wait for it … … … ME! 

And thus was born the #31daysofwoohoo tradition that I hope to keep going as long as I am alive. I will always begin this month by celebrating my father who’s birthday ends the month of September. But this time, it’s different. The year 2013 – 2014 has been a roller-coaster of a year. We almost lost him – my dad that is. At some point I didn’t think he would live to see this next birthday. At some point the thought of a birthday was so trivial in light of everything else that was going on. But by the grace of God and ONLY by the grace of God because science and medicine cannot describe it, He’s STILL Standing! So today, I honour and celebrate my #1fan and my #1hero – my father. My Safe Place. THANK YOU! You have carried me on your shoulders and shown me the world. You explained sunshine and wiped away rain. You chased monsters and fought giants. You allowed me to look on the horizon of your savannah to the serengeti of my future. You swam across the croc-infested nile of your youth to set a foundation to me to build the pyramids of my old age. You are my one true hero. And I will always love you. And thus begins my #31daysofwoohoo Please join me in celebrating me. I celebrate you too – I hope you know this.

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