#31daysofwoohoo _ Day 10 – Be A Mountain

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I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am, where I came from and where I’m going. It occurs to me today that sometimes we define ourselves by our past mistakes and allow them hold us back. This leads to a sense of normalcy as we hide behind the mediocre for fear of being discovered and exposed for our past transgressions. We did the time, paid the price and have a greater assignment ahead but we chose to stay normal other than explore greatness because we fear being reminded of our past.

Another thought occurs to me : some of us on this planet are more special than others. And that’s just the truth. Not everyone can be an Abraham Lincoln or a Steve Jobs or a Myles Munroe or a Barack Obama of a Wangari Maathai or a Kipchoge Keino or a Lupita Ndongo or a Usain Bolt … you get the drift 🙂

To those who have a great destiny, you must push ahead. Your challenges will be greater and your discouragements will be more numerous. Because you stand out, you will be vulnerable to more attacks. Don’t try to blend in. Stop apologizing, and JUST BE!

Your beauty, strength and courage will attract the negative but it will also stand out to the positive. I love the scripture that says that kings will come to your calling and the other one that says that your gift will open doors for you.

So to all my other mountains out there: Stand tall, Stand Proud, Stand Strong, but STAND. You were not created to blend in. You were created to be SPECIAL!!!

Today on day 10 of our #31daysofwoohoo challenge, pick up your journal and list the things you will forgive yourself of and the things that you will embrace about the mountain that you are.

I am Beverly Chahonyo & I love you!



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