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The closer I get to my birthday (yes, this is STILL my birth month hence our #31daysofwoohoo), the more I have a chance to reflect on my childhood. I am absolutely loving this time to sit back, look back, take a break and just breathe. 

So today is the 25th of October and we’re on day 17 of our #31daysofwoohoo challenge. I know we should be further ahead but what I’m learning in this process of creation is that sometimes you can’t just put stuff out there because you need to – sometimes you need to pause and create internally in order to be able to produce the perfect creation to the world.

I am currently inundated with little munchkins. Nieces and Nephew are here for a few weeks and they are teaching me so much daily. I’ll pick just one lesson : they are absolutely FEARLESS. They leave from ‘tall buildings’ (the couch or the bed), they roar like lions (literally roaring), they march like soldiers, they love each other, sometimes fight, always make up and keep loving each other. THey’re not afraid to love. They’re not afraid to build. They are absolutely not afraid to be rejected because here’s the thing: Rejection, Fear, Loss and Failure simply do not exist in their realm of possibilities. 

They have no inhibitions – they love hard, play hard, cry hard, eat hard and sleep hard. They giggle in high pitches at seemingly mundane things. They cry heart-wrenching cries at the smallest boo-boos. They are just 100% open, transparent and real.

I am learning to be more honest in my conversations than I have ever been before. Not that I was a flat out liar, but let’s face it: all you grown folks out there sometimes just don’t want to or know how to have the honest, open, transparent conversations. No becomes Maybe : Yes becomes Sometimes : Now becomes ASAP and we find all these ways to get around saying No I’m Not Happy, Yes you Hurt Me and Now Would Be a GREAT time to Apologize.

This fear of failure and fear of rejection and fear of being judged leads us down the treacherous path that ends up in the cave of – that idea wasn’t good enough anyway.

Today on day 17 I want you to look yourself in the mirror and give yourself the courage to say YES, NO and NOW. Yes to your dreams. No to fear. Now to acting and STOP to hiding.

The world needs your voice. Humanity needs your solution. Generations need your ideas. Nations need your presence. So stop “adulating” and go back to that child-like faith. Be fearless and learn how to leap again.

I am Beverly Chahonyo and I love you!

Have a Faith Filled Day!!



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