#31daysofwoohoo _ Day 6 : Pick You Team

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post-6So this is me: I open up quick, I open up completely and I assume that we’re all going to be friends forever. It has cost me a lot and  I’ve learned my lesson

Here’s my two cents about picking your team:

  • Understand who’s here for a lifetime. Those who’s roots go deep and who are for you 100% – they believe in you. Bring them in cautiously – it may take years because for roots to grow deep, they need time and effort and to be nurtured. Don’t open up all at once.
  • Understand that everyone comes into your life to serve a purpose. Don’t give precedence to the seasonal streams as they will pollute the lifetime rivers. When you give your all to someone who was only meant to teach you a lesson or learn a lesson from you, and they walk away, it hurts deeply.
  • Identify the toxic ones. This one is easier. Watch your lifetime people – if you bring in someone new – and they don’t trust them or open up, trust their instinct. I am just coming out of a season when I was so blind to the toxicity of a few people that when the blow came – and believe me it came hard – it knocked me clear off my feet. it poisoned my view of the world and of many other people. It’s taken me a while but I’m better now, wiser too!
  • Dont’ excuse the behavior of others. If someone acts bad, extricate yourself from them and move on. Sometimes it will be up to you to call them out. sometimes it won’t. Sometimes they’ll be ready to hear it. Sometimes they’ll turn on you. Either way, move on when the time comes
  • Don’t be afraid to let people go. Say goodbye, bless them, wish them well, take the positive, bury the negative and MOVE ON!
  • And finally to the rocks in your life, those trees who’s roots anchor you – Celebrate them. I am extremely blessed with some amazing people in my life. My family – they call it like they see it like it and they protect me fiercely even when i don’t want it hahahaha. My heart – you’ve heard a lot about him this season (giggle) – he really has changed my perspective on life, love, purpose, serving God, of me, of everything, And he too is fiercely protective. My squad. My girls. Yoh! these ones, I just don’t know. They say if you have 5 good friends then you’re safe. I can honestly say that there are 4 Inner Circle friends and 4 Middle Circle who just get me. I’m talking decades and years of friendship and still going. ALL OF YOU COLOR MY WORLD. THANK YOU.

Today is day 6 of our #31daysofwoohoo challenge – get your notebook out – and arrange your life. pick out the people who matter and cross off the people who don’t. This will allow you to enter into the promised land baggage free.

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

I am Beverly Chahonyo and I’m wishing you a toxic-free season!

I love you!



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