#31daysofwoohoo _ Day 8 : Lean In & Dance On!

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Here’s a fun fact about the Dandelion : “The dandelion flower opens to greet the morning and closes in the evening to go to sleep.” – And that’s on a good day. Most of us, especially when going through a transition, prefer to retreat, retract, and cringe our way through the change. Not so with this pretty, pretty flower that is said to represent all three celestial bodies at once. (The yellow flower resembles the sun, the puff ball resembles the moon and the dispersing seeds resemble the stars.)

In the morning – most mornings, especially when we are uncertain about things, we don’t jump out of bed and race into the day. We peer cautiously from behind the shaky safety of our broken reality and hope that things will be ok … somehow … eventually. At least that’s how I’ve been in the past. But that’s changing.

I am learning to run head on into the day, sing in the rain, stick my tongue out and catch a falling raindrop. I heard the most profound statement today: Smell The Coffee & Take A Sip Of Reality! The reality is that things dun changed and will not be going back. The reality is that people dun walked away and aren’t coming back. The reality is that yesterday is gone and you need to search out your tomorrow. The reality is that you have the option to cringe, cry and complain, or you have the option to dash, dance and DOMINATE. Because that’s what comes out of confidence and that’s what comes out of embracing the future head-on, even when you’re not too sure what it may hold.

Be careful with your carefree adventurous happy-go-lucky skippety hopping, Not everyone needs to know your business and not everyone who does needs to know everything about what you’re going through. Because the truth of the matter is that everyone will have an opinion and what you DON’T need when you’re trying to figure things out is the voices of others diluting your Word for the season. So shut down, tuck in, clear out and listen!

So on Day 8 of out #31daysofwoohoo challenge, note down things you can do to help change your attitude towards the dawning of this new season for you. Delete numbers, emails, text messages; clean out your wardrobe and give to charity; start working out and living healthy; get up every morning with a purpose and a plan – and work at accomplishing it. Call that person you’ve been too proud to reach out to and make amends. PRAY!!! You know, …  stuff like that 🙂

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