#31daysofwoohoo – Day 3 – It’s the Little Things

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I am learning day by day that it’s the littlest of things that matter. A hug. A chat. A cup of coffee. A nap in the sun. A lazy Sunday drive. A chance meeting. A walk in the rain. It’s the littlest of things that make the big things matter the mostest.

I’m also learning that human nature has us always waiting for something big to happen in order for us to do something big. We think that we have the ability to change the world but we’re waiting for the big break, the big reveal, the big discovery, the big bang moment. And those moments – for most of us, never come to pass. So we live our entire lives in the waiting room and never actually walk through the open doors.

I decided this year to enjoy the little things. You friends may not always have all the time for you – but when you do meet up, make it count. And in the meantime, find little ways to appreciate them. Your family may sometimes get on your last nerve – but it’s in the moments where you laugh carelessly until you can laugh no more at the silliest of things that you must always remember them. Your job may not be the best of them all but it allows you the freedom you need to begin to build your dream and work on your own idea. So clock in at 8, clock out at 5, then clock in to your dream and build until you can step out. Enjoy the health you have because sickness is no respecter of persons. Enjoy the richness of every experience because in a moment, life can rob you of the ability to do so for all eternity. Take one day at a time, never give up hope, and refuse to let life beat you down. Because it’s in the little things that you can make a big difference in your life and and in the lives of everyone around you. Today, take the time to smile at a stranger, giggle with a child, whisper with a girlfriend and confide in a sister. Because you are Beautiful – Empowered and Visionary – and those are your little things that will make a difference in this big, big world.




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