A Kiss Goodbye To All My Yesterdays XOXO

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So lately I’ve been learning the very important lesson that is letting go and letting God. Saying goodbye and walking away. Believe me, it’s not an easy road to walk but I am now the wiser for having walked it – after all, I am still standing am I not?

Here’s my two cents.

  1. You cannot force someone to stay. If they want to walk away, let them walk.
  2. Keep your head up high. In all things, there is a reason and to quote a great man who has recently gone through hardship, “God may not explain Himself, but He will surely reveal himself ” [Myles Munroe Jr].
  3. Just because it’s time to walk away doesn’t mean you have to hurt people in the process. As you will from time to time hear a woman say to a man, “It’s not what you did, it’s how you did it”. It’s going to be painful enough. Don’t intentionally go out of your way to wound people on your way out.
  4. It is absolutely necessary to let go. Sometimes, it’s just that their season in your life is over. for where God is taking you, you MUST learn to travel light.
  5. The older you get in life, the smaller your circle gets. So accept that, assess it, and expect it. For it shall surely come to pass.
  6. Celebrate those who will stay. Not everyone will buy into the dream. Not everyone needs to. For those who honor you by staying, then you must honor them back by celebrating who they are in and to you.
  7. Understand the place of the people in the purpose of the vision. Those who stay may not always understand it, their job is not to shoot you down. Their job is to cheer you on and if along the way you fall, their job is to catch you, patch you up and launch you back into the lofty skies of your dreams.
  8. Be classy in all that you do. Be it the leaver or the left, maintain decorum and maintain class. It’s OK to fall apart in the privacy of your safe circle, but do not at any cost get emotional and act on that impulse. Remember, words are like commodities and “Goods once sold cannot be returned”. They will carry forever and leave a mark in history – whether you meant it or not. Whether you’re sorry or not. Whether you regret it or not.

And so to all my yesterdays, I bid you adieau. Some of you I will meet again. Some of you I wish you well along life’s journey. Some of you I will miss. Some of you I set you free to fly. Some of you upheld the dreamer for a season. Some of you spurred me on by forcing me to fly despite your wounds. All of you were beautiful. All of you I loved. And All of you served a purpose in my life for a time and in my vision for a season.

I thank God for your coming at the right time and now I bless the Lord for your leaving at this time.

Remember now and remember always [and I do mean it from the very bottom of my heart] that

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You are @BeautifulPetal_



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