A Love Song to Him

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January 14th [Circa 6am, somewhere in sweet smelling Sub Saharan Africa]

Good morning Papa – she said with a smile as she hugged him tight and snuggled close:

You are life; You are my air; You are love; You are my everything

The air that I breathe, the smile on my lips, the spring in my step, the love in my heart.

The birds that sing, the bees that buzz, the wind on my face, the hair in the air.

I wake up to knowing that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I go to sleep with the thought that I am your own, your love, your best, the apple of your eye.

I dream the dreams you dream for me and I know the plans you plan for me.

Plans for good and not for evil, to give me a future and a hope.

I am yours: eternally, completely, complexly and willingly.

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be and no one else I’d rather serve.

There’s not a greater love than yours and nothing great enough to separate me from you.

You have formed me, molded me, inspired me, and kept me.

You have whispered into me the breath that is life and life that can breathe.

I love you deeply, wholly, truly and desperately.

You love me fiercely, eternally, completely and jealously.

I dedicate this psalm to you – the psalmist of psalmists.

I dedicate this love song to you – the lover of my soul.

I dedicate this worship to you – the one who created me to worship.

I dedicate this life to you – the giver of my life.

With everything that in me, for now and forever,

I dedicate this all to you – you are my all in all.

In the morning dew and the peeking sun and the chirping birds and the dawning sun,

On this the 14th day of the new beginning,

I rededicate the dawning of my life to you.

Good morning Papa, I love you. [She said with a smile as she hugged Him tight and breathed in the life, the love, the dreams, the visions and the worship of the new day]

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