Above The Storm

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So yesterday I flew home to Kenya from Nigeria. It’s always an amazing feeling coming home. No matter how good a vacation or how bad an experience, the moment you get home, you feel safe. As we were flying over some part of this beautiful continent of Africa that flows through my veins and expresses itself in my beautiful – sometimes tangled, sometimes knotty, always healthy – hair, something outside my window but below our altitude caught my eye. We were flying over a thunderstorm. And it was quite the experience. So majestic, so magnificent, so amazing to watch. I feel like right there, I encountered God in a new way, a fresh way, a way I needed more than I even knew. I could see the lightening. I could imagine the thunder. But because I was in a metal bird high above the storm, held high above the earth by the one who created the heavens and the earth, I could not feel it – it could not touch me!

Therein lies my word for you for today. As you sit in your situation today, let go, be at peace, and let God carry you above the storm. It was the most surreal thing in the world. It allowed me to do a couple of things:

  • Let go of the hurt. Don’t carry it with you into this new season – or it will keep you confined on the shores of your Jericho and prohibit you from walking into the promised land. Just let go and begin to speak positive affirmations over yourself and your situation. Say to it I am blessed. I am loved. I have joy. I have peace. I have power. I have a future and a hope.
  • Own your part in it. Very often we are so busy pointing fingers at everything that went wrong and who did what that we forget we had a role to play in it. One of the most liberating things I did in the past 48 hours was own my part in the way things turned out in this just ended relationship. It allowed me to say this: I knew going in that he was in pain and wounded from past hurts and relationships – instead of giving him the space to heal I rushed into it, It caused me pain unspeakable but it also hurt him immeasurably. I’m not talking about him or what he did or did not do. I’m saying that as a consenting adult in this relationship, I saw it going in but rushed in anyway and it hurt him. I apologized to him yesterday and I feel so liberated. So much peace – and that’s what was missing before. Peace.
  • Allow God to heal you. Once you do the above, you have made room for God to come in and heal you. You’ve done this by forgiving yourself. Sometimes forgiving the other person begins with or includes forgiving yourself. It means you are no longer struggling to control or explain the situation.

So to all my petals out there who have asked me lately – how do I get past the hurt into forgiveness, It’s not easy, but it’s possible: RISE ABOVE THE STORM. Our theme for the month of May is Spring Forth – this month, May the Grace that abounds catapult you as you Spring Forth into your future.

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