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I’m feeling lazy today. Almost like I just couldn’t be bothered to blog. But then again I am committed to this blogging thing so I must continue to write even when I’m not feeling like it.

Human beings are generally emotional beings and I am more emotional than most. I took a personality test the other day and was absolutely thrilled to learn that over the years I have developed a penchant for being and staying true to myself and what it is that I stand for and believe in. I was however a little surprised to learn that I am not that adventurous – actually I am not adventurous at all. The exact word that was used was “TRADITIONAL” . That kinda blew me away especially when I asked a couple of people I am close to and who’s opinion I trust and they confirmed it. I am an extremely conservative person and apparently not open to new things.

WOW … that’s never how I thought about myself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it depressed me or anything, I just never realized that about myself so that day I learned something new about myself. Since then I have made an effort to challenge myself to be more open to trying different things and experiencing things that I would ordinarily shy away from. I am pushing myself to do things that I would not ordinarily do and allowing myself to go through the motions of spontaneity (GASP – Even as I whisper it I get chills). It’s not easy and my mind tells me it won’t be fun, then I suddenly get into whatever it is that I was dreading and find my self enjoying it and it’s a warm fuzzy feeling that I get when I realize that the fear was only in my head.

So today as I work on overcoming my traditional roots I am also working towards enjoying every minute of every second of the time I have to myself and the time I spend with others, especially those nearest and dearest to me. May I never take them for granted and may I always cherish their company regardless of whether I’m sitting in traffic with my mother or tickling my nephew or holding my niece or just spending alone time. Here’s to a more adventurous me and definitely the surprises that will come along for the ride!

XOXO: From A-Girl-About-Town

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