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Africa’s been heavy on my mind lately. With the #ChibokGirls being gone a year, the #WestGateAttack going on a couple, the #GarissaAttack fresh on my tongue, the threat of #Ebola looming daily for some and far forgotten for others, and the #XenophobiaAttacks so ugly and loud: Some may say that this continent is cursed. Some have said that we will never get it together and that we will never go anywhere. I chose to believe that Africa can and will rise again. That the present pains and angst are signs that the morning is about to come so the night is darker, thicker, blacker.

Today I ask you to remember the Africa of smiles, rich soil, spicy food, gentle people, full of laughter, music and life. The Africa of dreamers and filled with purpose.

Africa, my Africa – Arise and Shine for your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen up on you!



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