Alivitsa’s Prayer – Being a God Pleaser

By January 6, 2015Uncategorized
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"For the person who pleases Him, God gives wisdom and knowledge and joy".. Ecclesiastes 2:26
It’s so easy as  to get caught up in being “people pleasers” for many different reasons.
Sometimes its to avoid confrontation or just because of the desire to be liked and the need for acceptance.
But God desires that I take pleasure in Him just as He was pleased in His creation, in me.
Lord I live to please You and have Your wisdom, knowledge and joy flowing in my life.
I know Your great desire is for me to enjoy being in Your will and to be satisfied and at peace as I fulfill Your call on and in my life.
No longer will my true self be buried under the weight of un-forgiveness, doubt, fear, hurt, rejection, betrayal and disappointment
Lord as I dive into a deeper walk with You and into a life of true freedom and happiness equip me to rediscover who You intended me to be.
Help me unearth the rich deposits You have placed deep within me; in the secret place and inner chamber of my spirit where only You live.
In His Service,
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