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So this is exciting! I have contemplated and thought for a long time and finally made the bold move from Notes on a social site (we all know which one – hint it did ‘NOT’ go public recently) to my very own blogging space. I wonder if this is how Columbus felt when he discovered America [just to digress a little bit, how does one discover a mass of land and get credit for it when there are already other people living on it? Shouldn’t it stand to reason that he then only got lost, stumbled across it, stopped out of either curiosity or necessity and that was then visited with the locals before going back home?]

Anyway – back to the excitement of the morning. A good friend of mine has been telling me that I needed to do this for a while. A seasoned blogger himself, he inspired me this morning and I finally gathered the courage to just Go for it! Now that I’m here, I’m not sure what is expected of me or what I’m supposed to do:-o

Butterflies tickle the inside of my tummy as I imagine all those strangers out there reading my words (that will no longer be very personal) and judging me by them. How much should I put out there? How far should I go? From what I’ve heard, (and it does make sense in a weird sort of way) the more I divulge the more people will want to hear (as long as I ‘Keep it Real’). Still, being a virgin in this territory, I will tread carefully and not open up the wonderful universe that is my star-filled, fluffy mind – not just yet. After all, I still need something to keep you coming back – don’t I?

So today I’ll speak one truth – one fact – one irreversible thing that I have recently come to accept as the Gospel Truth: The average human being is a creature of pride and knows not the benefits of humility. I speak from my heart and in my words of my very own growth process. No matter how many times we hear all the greats speak on humility, eating humble pie is … eating humble pie. It’s not easy to chew on and even harder to swallow. And yet, when done with the right attitude and in the safety of a trusted heart (one to protect you and have your back as you sit and lick your wounds) it is the most gratifying thing in the world. It has nothing to do with the world and everything to do with your universe.

And so, wonderful, weird and wacky world of bloggers, get a hold of that pie, throw on some sprinkles on it, garnish it with gummy worms. call up some trusted hearts and learn to enjoy humble pie. After all, it is a rare thing to find a pie that is neither yummie nor comforting. There is a pie for all occasions. Mine for today and for this season, is humble pie a-la-Beverly! Bon apetit to me and happy pie baking to you all!!!!



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