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Sunday February 1 2015

You are the keeper of my soul. The author of my dreams. The Founder of my vision. The finisher of my journey. The Genesis of my being.

Fear says I am a fool. Faith says I’d rather be a fool for you than wise in the eyes of men.

Where some have walked away, I bless them into their tomorrow even as I usher in my forever.

Where some have held me back, I untangle myself from them even as I wrap myself in you.

Where tears have fallen I see them as precious gems, seeds sown in one season in preparation to reap in the next one.

And now, these three things remain. Faith. Hope. and Love. And while the greatest of them is Love, we cannot live without faith and that cannot grow without hope.

Lord, today my faith has walked me into something new. And all I cling to now is the hope of you. Lord consume me with you.

To anyone who is struggling to find a rhyme or reason, anyone who is fumbling in the dark, anyone who is grappling with a decision, anyone who is racked with the uncertainty of the tomorrow they cannot see on the waves of the yesterday that was comfortable, hear the Word of the Lord: FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH YOU. I WILL NOT LET YOUR FEET BE DASHED AGAINST A STONE, I AM HERE TODAY AS I WAS YESTERDAY AND WILL BE TOMORROW – FOR YOU. IN MY EYES, IN MY HEART, YOU ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE … … …

Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

Beautiful Petals

Take hold of my hand because you are precious in my eyes – I will do the rest because you have given me your first.


PS: I’ve Got Your Back!



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