Bitter Sweet

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Today I got to the centre of one of those chewy sweetie thingies. I watched a friend say goodbye to her beloved father (very bitter) but I saw her standing tall and being so strong it made me proud (sweetest moment). I know it was not easy for her but she stood there and sang a sweet melody in tribute to him and in true fashion that only the song-bird that she is could have done. So brave. So strong. So sweet.

If I have learnt anything in my life, it is that life is full of bitter-sweet moments. Life will always give you an opportunity to rise up or fold into yourself. It will give you the chance to stand tall or completely fall flat. It will give the the opportunity to get up after falling or stay down. Today, my friend, you rose up. You stood tall and you got up! I am proud of you and I am praying for strength through this, the coldest winter of your life.

God has placed in my heart the burden to pray for certain women. I know it is not by chance that these women are in my life or that this is the season in which they are going through the bitterness of a winter. I pray for them incessantly and when words fail me, I cry to the Lord with groanings and utterances of my Spirit Man that only the Spirit of God can translate. When I can’t pray for myself and I lack the strength to pray for them, I let my thoughts of them drift to heaven and know that Jesus, who is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven is interceding for them.

I am more sure now than ever that there is a heaven and there is a hell. Both are very real and both are very out of this world. I will continue to pray for the following groups of women because without grace, strength, wisdom, understanding, perception, knowledge and above all SALVATION, they may not make it to heaven. It is not my prayers that will take them there, but perhaps my prayers can help open the doors to their hearts. Perhaps my persistence in loving them Christ’s way can help melt the hardness against the word. Perhaps my groanings and utterances can give them the strength to face one more day. It is not the depth, breadth and force of my prayers that will change them. It is the bigness of the heart of my Saviour that will do that. My part, is only to pray!

  1. To the Widow, young and hopeful who’s hope has been snuffed out in the middle of the season of bloom by the loss of your husband, leaving you desolate and without answers for yourself and your children, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.
  2. To the Widow, older and who has lived life and lost not only love but the deepest and most intimate friendship next to JESUS and you don’t know how you will wake up to face tomorrow, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.
  3. To the daddy’s girl facing a bleak tomorrow because the only man who ever loved you the way your daddy did will never hold you and laugh with you the way only a father can, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.
  4. To my beautiful petal who has struggled with “religion” but is now beginning to see that life without FAITH is futile, but does not know how to get from religion to a relationship with the Master, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.
  5. To the woman in the latter years of her youth who is still waiting for her Boaz and sometimes wants to give up on the dream that is the sweetest love in marriage, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.
  6. To the woman who entered what should have been that sweetest love but is struggling against the lies of the enemy in the marriage she is ready to give up on, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.
  7. To the young and the hopeful who doesn’t see the point of a relationship with God and just goes day to day doing what feels right at the time only to realize that it is drawing her further away from the God she grew up knowing, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.
  8. To the woman who is supposed to have it all in marriage, children and career but is intensely miserable not knowing how to kick-start her life but knowing that something’s got to give, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU

To all my beautiful petals out there dreaming a dream that is bigger than them and not wanting to believe that it shall come to pass, know this – My God who sees that which is done in private, will surely reward you! So dream that dream. Sow that seed, Spread that love. Keep holding on. And as the good book says over and over, IT SHALL SURELY COME TO PASS.

Remember always to remember always that:

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

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