Bloom Jacaranda – Soar!

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jacaranda header The season of the Jacaranda is here. It’s here! It’s here!! It’s here!!!! For those of you who don’t know what in the world I could be talking about, I’m talking about my tree. My seasonal tree, the Jacaranda Mimosifolia – a tree that blooms with little fragrant purple flowers and blooms in and around the month of October which is my birthday month (woop woop) which is just around the corner (douple woop woop woop woop). I’ve noticed them around, peeking at me, cheekily dancing in the wind or drenched in the rain, waiting for the full season to come around when they will flower my path, shadow my brow, titillate my scent buds and flavour my world. It is not a minute too soon. I listened to as sermon by a man I consider my big brother, a man of God, a humble man and a man very anointed in the word – Pastor Akila Yusuf of the House on the Rock Jos – The Destiny Place. He came home one day and found his little girl crying over her homework. Upon enquiring further as to the crux of the matter, she told him that she was crying because she could not complete her assignment. That hit home for him – and it it home for me as well. Today as I celebrate the Jacaranda in me, I wonder: Who’s life have I touched? Who’s world have I flavoured Who’s day have I scented? Who’s brow am I shadowing? Who’s path am I flowering and who’s world am I changing? You see I have come to understand the power of the healing touch through my gift of words. I connect, I identify, I empathize, I celebrate, I hug, I admonish, all with the creativity of my tongue and the flick of my fingers over the keyboard of my heart. 

But have I come full circle? Do I understand my assignment? Am I crying for it? Do I bleed for it? Do I have sleepless nights over it? Have I sacrificed enough for it? Simply put: AM I CRYING FOR MY ASSIGNMENT? Are you? So as I contemplate the role of my jacaranda days to come, I challenge myself – I challenge you – To find your rhyme and reason. Your reason for living, your reason for breathing, that one thing you were created to do: And I challenge you to cry for your assignment. Are you a king-maker? A King, A Baker, a Writer, a teacher, a preacher, a nurse, a mummy, – find that dream. Chase that dream. Sacrifice for it. Bleed for it. Today I challenge you to cry, little jacaranda, cry. And when you are done, Soar little Jacaranda, SOAR! You were destined for greatness – never forget that! You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary You are @BeautifulPetal_



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