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These past few weeks I have pondered endlessly on a topic that makes my heart sink. I have thought about ways to pay homage and have failed simply because of my inability to get beyond the emotions. There is a hash tag that is trending today #Bringbackourgirls – I hear the story of these Two Hundred and Thirty girls abducted from a school in Nigeria and my heart breaks Two Hundred and Thirty times.

  • To the mothers crying day and night praying that she will see her beautiful angel again, I mourn with you, all the while keeping hope alive.
  • To the father feeling helpless the way no man should ever be made to feel, knowing that he did not protect his baby girl, my heart weeps for you. I pray that you will find peace.
  • To the girls out there, cold, scared, I pray that you will not let these monsters break your spirits.
  • To the wicked ones who took these girls, the only word that comes to mind is COWARDS! You could not pick on grown men who could fight back. Instead you picked on the innocence of those who could not.

There are times over the past years since I started blogging when I wondered why I do what I do. At first it was for pleasure. Then it was for the ability to touch lives (no author writes without their audience in mind). Today, I am sure of one things. I do this so that those without a voice may be heard. So that their tears and screams may not go silent. I do this to remind the world that there are women out there who have a dream that may never be realized because someone somewhere thinks it’s OK to be a bully and pray on the weaknesses of others. I do this so that we can remember that each one of us, each one of the missing girls, it Beautiful, Empowered, Visionary. Each one of them is a BeautifulPetal.

Today I do this and lend a voice to the millions across the world who are in an uproar. Today I do this so that my daughter may grow up in an Africa where she can choose to be a pilot, a lawyer, work in HR, in Business, own a hotel, own a bank, or sty home and tend to the affairs of her house with love, tenderness, wisdom and prowess.

Today I lend a voice to the myriad voices already crying out for justice and a guarantee of safety for anyone, any time, any where. Today I am one in a million other voices saying:


They are #BeautifulEmpoweredVisionary

They are #BeautifulPetals




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