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2015, the year that was, as one of the most emotionally intense years for me. I was on a roller coaster of emotions. I faced mountains: some I conquered, some surmounted me. I learned to laugh from deep within, with the right people and became more confident in my ability to say no. I grew in resolve and embraced confrontation. But the biggest lesson of all, I do believe, is that I learned how to weigh my battles, which to fight and how to fight the ones I chose to fight.

Each day comes with a gift and 2015 was the year that God gave me the most special gift. The one who makes me laugh, the one who embraces me, the one who corrects me in love, the one who prays with me and prays over me. The one who shows me daily why no one else could ever have made sense. I am eternally grateful for you my beloved and cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for us – or rather, what we have in store for the world in 2016.

2015 was the year that kept on giving – I achieved a milestone in my professional life and it surpassed all my wildest thoughts and set new goals for the future. My expectations in this particular area of my life are sky high!

2015 was the year I started to get physically healthy and set fit goals and proved to myself that with commitment and consistency, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

2015 was the year in my spiritual walk with God when He showed me how much I had grown but reminded me how much further I have to go. You see, when you have a Father who believes in free will, He will guide you and lead you and protect you in the early years as any parent would but eventually you have to let go and allow your child to begin to make their own decisions, to rise and fall to make mistakes and achieve success based on trust. So while 2013 and 2014 were my years of Faith, 2015 was the year of Trust when He stood back and watched to see if I’d been paying attention. I pray that I did you proud Papa even though I know I failed sometimes. Still, I find comfort and solace in the fact that in my weakness, you are made perfect.

2015 was the year that clarified the vision and brought in the structure needed to carry the vision of the passion of the petal in me. The year we as a team at Beautiful Petals did great things and had numerous firsts – We simply cannot wait to carry you further along this journey as 2016 unfolds in love and laughter and purpose achieved.

All these milestones came at a great cost – leadership.  Somebody I greatly admire drove the message home when he told me that you’re not really leading until the people you are leading have turned away from you. When they have abandoned you, talked about you, questioned you, switched loyalties – then and only then can you call yourself a leader because you are no longer their friend. So 2015 came at the cost of leadership and that price, I will proudly pay.

So 2016, bring it on. Where you thought I wouldn’t rise, I will look for the occasion. Where you thought I would fail, I will redefine success. Where you thought I was beaten, battered and bruised, I will proudly brandish my battle scars and show off their beauty as an intricately painted tapestry of strength and courage and honor and grace.

Here’s to every beautiful petal out there who thought they would never make it. Guess what: YOU DID!!! So here’s to you – toasting you, celebrating you and cheering you on in 2016. Joy has surely come in the morning. You truly are beautiful – I dare you to celebrate a beautiful thing about yourself every single day of this amazing year of our Lord.

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