Conversations With God

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I listen for His voice, and even in His deepest, longest silence, He speaks.

He speaks through the birds that sing and the breeze on my face

He speaks through the clouds in the sky as He parts them to create a masterpiece in the canvas of the big blue vastness, just for me.

He speaks when I speak, He listens when I listen

My heart beats for Him, but sometimes it skips a beat and suddenly we’re no longer in tune. Skipping a beat means skipping a step means taking a step back and I daren’t do that – it could be detrimental to my destiny.

This evening I started a fresh conversation – So, how do you think the day went – I asked God.

Before He could answer, my mind went blabbering in a different direction.

I asked it a second, then a third time. And each time I found my mind wandering and wondering what happened.

With this last conversation of the day. I know that all is not lost. Because my God speaks through dreams and in dreams. He is the God of Joseph and the God of Daniel. What He says must come to pass, even through dreams.

So as I bid the world bon nuit, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that our conversations just got deeper.

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