Dare to Dream, Dare to Believe.

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Today I want to celebrate a Beautiful Petal in my life.

She is strong, fearless, amazingly creative.

Her story is full of firsts.

She has breathed life into my dream of a Beautiful Petal and she has taught me the essence of being a Destiny Helper.

This weekend she had another first in her history of firsts. Her debut in directing a Musical. Mambo II Put a Ring On [#MamboMusical]

I have mentioned her before and today I celebrate her again, Jinna Mutune, you totally rocked that one. I had a blast.

She is the epitome of the African Dreamer with her afro flying high like a flag on a mast. She dreams Africa, lives Africa, sings Africa, breathes Africa, is Africa.

Her heart beats for the Boy Child. She narrated how God woke her up with a burning passion to see the boy child vindicated after decades of being forgotten and overlooked by the Girl Child. Her exact words will haunt me for a long time: ” I woke up after a night of hearing from Him and I knew I had to do something about it.” And so she started and has never stopped.

She has directed a movie that is currently flying high in the skies on 4 airlines. She is a sister, a daughter, an auntie, a friend, but most important of all, she is the African Dreamer with a dream bigger than her ‘fro. Her moto in life is Dare. Dream. Believe. And believe you me, she dares to do and she does dream, and she dreams dares, and she believes her dreams.

I love her infectious laughter, I celebrate her tenacious hunger to do more and be more.

Today Miss Jinna, I celebrate the Beautiful Petal in you. You have been a friend, a critic, a fan, a sister, all sorts of people to me.

Ordinary is not you – you were created to be extra ordinary. You don’t do normal – normal is all colors of boring. Regular doesn’t taste good – you laugh in the face of regular.

Today I want you to know that you are:

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You are @BeautifulPetal_




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