Day 1 – The Policeman

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Yesterday, the 1st of December marked my first day of RAKs [Random Acts of Kindness] … December is going to be our month to truly remember the reason for the season. I am determined to do one good thing everyday and it’s harder than one would imagine. I was inspired by a lovely young lady, a friend of mine, an avid reader and active commentator to my  blog. Miss Brenda you have inspired and encouraged me along the way in a way I cannot express. A few weeks back you wrote:

My 39th birthday was yesterday and the day before that i was wallowing in self pity because i felt that i have not achieved much. But guess what? i received a call from a friend at 12 midnight to wish me a Happy Birthday and he said to me ‘this is your year and you are going to move more mountains and achieve a lot more than you could have over the past 38yrs!’. Those pick-me-up words for sure, together with a word of prayer to the Almighty made me realise indeed what a resilient being i am…i have been through a lot but it is not the end, it is but the beginning!

This challenged me and I thought “Hmmmmm – I should totally do that!”

So I started thinking about it and thinking about it and praying about it and thinking some more. At first I thought how awesome would if we got all the beautiful petals across the globe to do this every single day. And do the same thing every single day. Then I thought Naaa … That’s too synchornized and might not work too well. When you plan perfection, what you are most likely to achieve is frustration of the highest order.

My next thought was why not just start and inspire and let everyone do their own things day by day and get to 31 and celebrate together.

So yesterday, on the 1st day of December 2013, as I was driving home after a powerful church sermon where my pastor and spiritual father cast the vision for 2014, I was feeling inspired but not particularly kind in any kind of way (pun intended). I wasn’t feeling mean or anything like that, I just wasn’t looking to go out of my way to be kind. I’m ordinarily not a mean person (that is my opinion and purely a matter of personal opinion) but I wasn’t purposing to do a Random Act of Kindness or an RAK as we decided to call them.

It was raining, there was a bit of traffic, it was muddy and it was cold. As I inched along the muddy side road that I had decided to use to avoid the traffic on the highway, I spotted a police officer in uniform looking to bring order to the chaos that was #KenyanDriversDrivingInTheRain. He looked intent and focused on whatever it was he wanted to do as he plodded along the middle of the road in the mud. Just as he got to my car he crossed over right in front of me and kept walking, still all purposeful and intent and all. Then it hit me: I rolled down my window and in my most beautiful girly voice I said “Excuse Me Officer” – He stopped and turned looking mildly irritated: “YES” he said … and I responded in a melodic, musical, girly voice “GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH TODAY!” Silence. For a moment there he didn’t know what to say. It took him a moment to understand what I had done and what I was saying and what I intended. Then slowly, he smiled and a twinkle entered his eyes and he said a big loud “THANK YOU!”. That smile made my day and got me smiling and giggling and my girlfriend smiling as well.

See, it’s the simplest things in life that make all the difference in the world. I could have waited for the perfect moment to do the perfect thing in the perfect way but all it took was one GOD BLESS YOU to get the most gratifying and fulfilling THANK YOU anyone could have given me.

So today I pray that everyone will reach deep down inside, use a little bit of creativity, and pull an amazing RAK out of the hat.

Here’s the challenge. It would be great to get a snapshot of you doing your RAK and send it to me. Buy a loaf of bread for someone. Give someone a hug. Call someone and tell them you love them. Encourage someone. Don’t talk about someone, instead talk to them. Visit an orphanage and hold a crying baby. Go without lunch and buy someone else lunch instead. Give a policeman an umbrella instead of leaving him standing in the rain. I don’t know and I don’t care what you do … just do SOMETHING and bring joy to someone else’s life.

To all my beautiful petals out there, make me proud. To anyone else who reads this and feels inspired, share the joy and the love. To Anyone who needs a hug, know that I have sent you a hug from a dusk-filled beautiful, chilly, Nairobi evening sunset.

XOXO: From: A-Girl-About-Town




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