Day 10 – My Body

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Post-12bMy body has always posed a special kind of challenge to me. I have always been on the bigger side. I have always, in my mind, been chubby and chunky (cute all the same, don’t get me wrong), but never a “normal size” – forgetting what petite is – scratch that – never knowing what petite is.

I could never quite fit in a pair of jeans right. Those that hugged my pear-shaped hips perfectly left a gaping hole at the back of my waist line and no belt could capture, tame or even tempt that shut. I never experienced this until my latter years but to date i am unable to find a perfectly fitting corporate suit. i am smaller up top (at least 2 dress sizes) than I am down yonder so I ended up having a bunch of baggy blazers hanging in my closet and constantly donating them to one worthy pretty face or another. I finally embraced dresses but quickly found out that I must pick them wisely. “Fitting” isn’t really “FITTING” to my pear shape. Flared may get tricky if not properly tailored because my bountiful behind gives a lift. Cleavage must be just right or my “girls” will abound and abase and wave to the world.

So my strategy changed over the years. In my pre-teens it horrified me. As a teenager fluctuated between hiding and flaunting. In my twenties I all out embraced showing (not telling) then in my thirties I began to find myself. I have found that a nip and a tuck of fabric here and there can be cleverly and tastefully done to accentuate curves and veil and cover the rest. I have found that a tailor is my best friend and fabric is my closest co-conspirator. I have discovered that accessories are your friend and texture is your new best friend. Color is not to be feared or conquered but to be coaxed and courted.

In my thirties, I have found that I must love myself first before thinking of how to drape myself and love myself, I do. I went from battered and bruised by society, media, bad relationships and unhealthy self image to confident, fun, flirty, and loving who I am 24/7. I often receive comments such as: You really carry yourself well. To which I respond (mostly using my “inside” voice – I should hope so – nobody else would carry me at all if I left me frumpy in the corner”.

I am proud of the woman I am – loving the woman I have become – and humbled to be a beacon to women out there regardless of your stature, size, complexion or shape.

Today, I implore you: Embrace Who you are, Where you are, How you are NOW! Life is too short to wish you were the woman in the magazine today – or tomorrow – or any other day. Life is too short to hate who you are. This is what you’ve been given. Change what you can (diet, exercise) and work with what you have. Embrace your scars – be they C-Section or stretch mark, or post surgery or post whatever. Embrace your skin tone and your freckles, the shape of your lips, size of your eyes or stretch of your nose. Love your hips and love your feet, show what you should and protect what you must.

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