Father & Child

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The father listened intently to what the child had to say. The child had a lot to say but was nervous. She knew everything bursting in her heart and her mind but her heart beat a little bit faster because for her it was a difficult conversation. She wanted to talk about the things the father had done that had hurt or confused her but she did not want to cast the father aside or hurt him. She cleared her throat, looked up and caught his eye. He was settled, comfortable, attentive and the loving father she had always known.

Suddenly the voices began to subside. The ones that had been telling her that she was not worth it. The ones that had been telling her that nothing she did was good enough. The ones that had been telling her he didn’t trust her. The ones that had been telling her he would reject her. Suddenly, they all disappeared. Because sitting here before her father, she realized that He was her father who loved her enough to discipline her. Who trusted her enough to allow her to make decisions. Who looked for her when he needed her but knew she was capable and felt her presence through her acts of service even when he did not see her.

Slowly but steadily she began to speak. She laid out her plans and watched him watch her as he evaluated her words and followed her intents. She spoke from the heart with purpose. You see, she had been thinking about these things, she had written them down and turned them around in her heart and in her mind. She had spoken to a wise one and understood what was fact and what was a figment of her imagination. She knew how to keep his attention because she knew his language.

He began to speak in a soft voice, sharing his heart and his plans for the new season. He shared what the had heard from The Father to his daughter. He shared what he had heard through her words. He encouraged, he corrected, he projected, he proposed, he pointed out. Slowly, they engaged in the dance that comes from churning out ideas, turning them around, sharing from the heart in a safe place knowing that the father wanted only the best and the child needed only the father’s ear.

You see, that is what a father does. He creates a safe environment and allows the child to grow. He teaches the child the way and lets the child go. He nurtures in love and corrects without fear. He will not break the spirit of the child but he must not hide the truth from the child.

To anyone out there who does not know a father’s love, know this: Our Father in heaven is all the father that you will ever need. Forgive your earthly father, forgive yourself, and embrace your Father in heaven. Then when you know that you are in your safe place, let the dance begin. He will surely show you the way if you let go and let Him in.

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