Fearfully & Wonderfully Made!

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So last week, on the tenth day of the tenth month I had the most amazing thing happen to me: 10 minutes past 10 on the morning of the 10th day of the 10th month I read a amazing devotional that I subscribed to ten odd years ago that pops in my inbox five days a week. It has always been on point, and that day was no different. The relevance to me, my timing, my season and my specific situation was bang on. What was amazing was that I happened to read it at 10:10 on 10/10 … WOOHOO! It’s the quirky little things in life that make you appreciate how much God loves you. So thank you Lord for showing me this very unique, very specific beautiful petal breed of love and attention.

It tickles my heart to no end that everything around me is just for me. The sunrise is a masterpiece painted onto a blank canvas just for me. The stars twinkling in the vast velvet expanse of the sky are just for me. The fluffy clouds are just for me. The golden sunset bathing me with warm yuminess is just for me. The laughter of the birds and the orchestra of the firmaments are just for me.

I see humor, love, laughter, and wonder in all things created. The most amazing thing is this: Everything was spoken into being before it was. God said it, then it was. He spoke it and it came to be. He voiced it and it appeared. I learned that yesterday and marveled at the power of the tongue to create, give life and bring into being.

So today on Fun Fact Monday, I bring you the bizarre, the quirky and the most amazing of facts: Did you know that a sea sponge has the most amazing ability to regenerate? If you took it and blended it to mush and nothingness and then placed it in a bucket of water overnight and let it sit, by morning the cells would have found each other and it would be whole again? Guess what? God created each one of us with the same amazing ability to regenerate. We can be battered and bruised, wounded and beat up, but we still have the ability to regenerate over time. We have the ability to take what seemed like mush and nothingness and bring it right back together again.

Just like the sea sponge, you can bounce back. You can pick yourself back up and put yourself back together again. Today I came to encourage you to be the sponge you were created to be. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Find whatever it is in you that gives you strength, and lean on it. For me, I find strength on your knees and in that place of worship. It doesn’t matter who has said what about me or done whatever to me. The moment I allow myself to let go and enter into that place, nothing else matters.

Today, Remember that You are a a Beautiful Petal. Before you came into being, the Eternal one had already spoken you into being. He spoke your past, your present and your future into being. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and He loves you with an intense, everlasting love.

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