Greatness in the Belly of a Whale

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I spent some time praying with a friend this evening. I then spent more time in prayer and fellowship with my RKC (Raising Kingdom Champions) fellowship. And finally I spent some time catching up with and praying with my mentor. Not to mention the morning prayer time with my parents. I am amazingly blessed to be able to have an absolutely solid network around me. What today did for me was remind me of that.

So this evening, I want to spend a little time talking to you about greatness. My mentor is larger than life. His dreams and visions are larger than life. His mandate and calling are so much larger than life that they scare him. And yet greatness was announced while he was in the womb with his African father touching his mother’s belly and saying [I would imagine in a deep baritone with a thick Nigerian accent] “This is the special one”.

I once asked him what drives him and he said as humble as can be – it is his fear of failing to achieve his God-given mandate.

Spending time picking his brain and praying over visions and dreams always puts a spring in my step. Today I am reminded also of something he said to me over a year ago. “Your destination is assured. Get there you will. What matters is if you will get there in the belly of a whale or in the bowels of a ship.”

This evening I want to encourage anyone out there who was about to give up on a dream. Your destination is assured. Now it’s time to decide how you will get there. Will you be dragged kicking and screaming in the proverbial belly of the whale like Jonah, or will your arrival be regally heralded in the bowels of a ship like the child of a king that you are? The choice is yours. I chose to submit and be announced. What do you chose?

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